Friday, February 25, 2011

Constructivism: It's Pointless If We Don't Practice What We Preach

  • Most all of us preach engagement, interaction, and social constructivist approaches to teaching and learning.
  • We believe that those resources are best that persist online so that students can visit and re-visit, posting comments and engaging in asynchronous discussions.
  • We believe that our class materials are not static; they require vigilant attention to update and modify as context and circumstances change.
  • And, many of us believe that open resources are best – they represent good virtual ecology as expressed by openly sharing our work with the rest of the world through the Web.

Source: Flickr Commons Image #: 74-H-1056
Why then do we insist on using a flat, not dynamic, not interactive, not broadly sharable Power Point for all of our classroom and conference presentations?

Where is worldwide sharing via the Web?

Where is the interaction?

Where is the opportunity for the audience who attended our session to comment?

How do we push updates out to all those who attended our presentations?

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